Does your IT service team need a checkup?

Is your IT service solution a necessary evil or part of your competitive edge? Computer technology is critical to your business, legal practice, or medical practice and effective IT support is critical to your day to day operations and productivity. Is yours working for you?

It starts with trust. When you give anyone your administrative passwords, you’re handing over the keys to your kingdom. The integrity of each Systems Engineer (SE) is all that protects your business, financial, and patient information from misuse. That same integrity ensures that you are not being sold more than you need.

Technical competence is paramount. Experienced, knowledgeable SEs that work together as a team can optimally configure your software and systems to enhance your work flow. The result is increased efficiency and fewer problems. And when problems do occur, competent SEs should identify and resolve them quickly to minimize the impact on your operations.

Your relationship with your IT provider defines whether you have a hired hand or a key extension of your team. Your lead SE should know you, your staff, your practice, and your preferences and should speak your language. Then they can help educate and guide you to the best technology decisions for your practice. Your staff members should be as comfortable with your SE as they are with each other. A long-term, close relationship with your lead SE (not just the sales account manager) makes all the difference.

Be more productive and more competitive by making sure your IT service is the best it can be. If you’re not sure yours is, call us. We can help.

Gordon-WaltonGordon Walton, President