State-of-the-art SecureWatch™ monitoring and reporting along with our highly experienced engineers keep your network and devices in peak operating condition.

We keep tabs on your network activity, and when a system or function fails, your Systems Engineer jumps in to investigate. Once the problem is identified, we’ll work to fix it, in many cases before you’ve even realized there’s an issue.

SecureWatch™ Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM):

SecureWatch™ is a comprehensive IT infrastructure management, monitoring, and maintenance service, designed to continuously maintain servers, desktops, applications, and network devices at peak operating performance and maximum threat protection levels. We recommend these software agents and the control provided to help maintain the IT infrastructure and to facilitate ongoing compliance.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software agents installed on servers and workstations provide the following capabilities:

  • System health monitoring 24×7 with alert generation for fast problem notification.
  • Proactive management functions with automated maintenance tasks.
  • Windows and application patch management support with Systems Engineer control for maximum security and efficiency with minimum level of effort.
  • Fast, convenient access to protected machines for efficient issue resolution.
  • Central management console through web portal to facilitate batch updates, functional and security assessment, and preventive maintenance planning.
  • Audit reports to facilitate adherence to industry compliance requirements.
  • Comprehensive information gathering and asset reporting for planning and budgeting.


Remediation of issues is performed using packaged monthly service hours or billed at your hourly rate.

We are a relationship company – we know we can serve you best when we work closely with your business and your team so we can help with advice and planning, not just fix what’s broken.  The IT industry has moved toward a commodity-oriented flat monthly rate Managed IT Service model.  We believe that this approach can have too many built-in conflicts of interest that work against the best interests of clients, and we commonly hear stories that prove it.  While we sometimes recommend some of the associated practices with flat-rate monthly services, we believe that in most cases you are best served by paying for labor when you need it, not as part of a monthly package whether you need it or not.  However, if you prefer flat-rate monthly pricing we can discuss the options and decide how to make it work best for you.

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