The only constant in business is change.

Staff working from home offices. Increasing cybersecurity threats. Adding a new product line. Applications moving to the cloud. Unexpected fast growth. Moving to a new location. New regulations. Merging with another organization. New management. The only constant in business is change. Does your IT infrastructure meet your changing needs?

Most businesses start small, and technology is installed to meet small needs. As the organization grows more is added, but built on an infrastructure that was not designed for these expanded needs. It is common to discover that your IT is not up to the task of supporting your mission and your operations.

When designing a new IT infrastructure, it is important to understand the needs and preferences of those who will be using it, the planned growth of the business, and the budget available to pay for it.

Our Lead Systems Engineer support model, functioning as part of your team with in-depth knowledge of your business, your staff, and your goals, puts us in an excellent position to design the IT infrastructure that will carry you into the future and keep you secure.  Whether you need a new network or want to upgrade your current environment, we offer network design and planning from peer-to-peer networks to cloud-based environments to client–server networks of any size.

Some Important Things to Consider:


  • Balance security issues with the desire for easy access to information.
  • Balance the cost of additional capacity against the risk of underutilization.


  • Build redundancy into the network in anticipation of breakdowns.
  • Identify and assign capacity for each type of resource required.


  • Standardize hardware and software to control maintenance costs.
  • Prioritize where and when to expand and upgrade.


  • Future growth should be built into the network design.
  • Consider trends and the impact on strategic planning.

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