We have a long track record of very happy clients, largely due to the strong partner relationships we build with each one.

You will be assigned one Lead Systems Engineer who gets to know your business, your staff, your preferences and your systems so we can tune our service to your individual needs. Your lead System Engineer is backed up by all the other System Engineers, so you have the advantages of one IT expert on your team along with the advantages of being supported by an entire IT organization. Each of our staff members is passionate about service and is committed to the well-being of “their” clients.

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Our clients range from very small offices to large organizations with hundreds of staff members in multiple locations. We currently provide business technology services as the outsourced IT department for over 200 commercial, medical, financial, legal, municipal and industrial clients, and we assist in-house IT departments that have hard problems or big projects. In addition, we provide IT services with discounted rates to about 30 local nonprofits. We love helping those who are helping others in our community. 

Here are a few of the many industries we serve:

Medical & Dental Practices

We have been serving medical and dental providers and services for our entire history as an IT provider.  We understand the special data protection required for dealing with PHI, both in-house and with the many communication channels including patients, labs, imaging services, specialists, pharmacies, hospitals, and more.  All of our Systems Engineers participate in annual HIPAA Awareness training so they keep up with latest best practices.  We have been providing HIPAA technical audits for many years, and helping practice managers to keep up with HIPAA compliance technical safeguards and policies.  We are experts in data protection, business continuity, and cybersecurity, and can manage your systems whether you are cloud-based or server-based.  We are familiar with many different EHR systems and can support whatever you have adopted for your practice.  You can rest easy knowing we can take care of all of your practice’s technology needs with HIPAA compliance at the forefront.


Nonprofits have always been near and dear to our hearts.  We love supporting those who do so much for our community, and dozens of local nonprofits rely on us for their technology needs.  All nonprofit clients get discounted labor rates for everything we do, and many of our other services are discounted for them as well.  Most of our staff have served as board members or volunteers.  With that much experience, we understand the special needs of nonprofits including the role of boards in governance, budget constraints and cycles, grant application and tracking, fundraising, relationships and roles of volunteers, and the special technology needs and resources.  We can help you map out a technology strategy that is cost-effective for your particular needs taking advantage of free or discount hardware, software and services, and then install, configure, and maintain them for you.  If you have a staff member with good technical aptitude, we will be happy to teach them how to handle many day-to-day technical needs to reduce your reliance on us.

Municipalities and Emergency Services

Municipalities and their emergency service agencies, including police and fire departments, have unique needs due to 24×7 availability, regulatory and judicial requirements, and maintaining the public trust.  Our Lead Systems Engineer approach to client service is ideally suited to meet these needs.  We perform IT budget development and assist with approval; install and maintain technology to execute the IT plan; facilitate requirements development and assist with procurement of related technologies; and install and manage backup strategies for data and systems to provide data protection and business continuity in the event of catastrophes or cyber incidents.  Our Cyber User Training Program educates employees so they remain vigilant and respond appropriately to phishing attempts and other threats, and we provide IT support to stay compliant with changing regulatory mandates.

Professional Service Firms

OWS knows professional service firms. We support many including Legal, Accounting, Financial Management, Insurance, Real Estate, and Construction and Building Management.  We become – or augment – the IT department for Professional Service Firms of all types.  We fix things when they break, and we do it quickly, but what our clients really value are their industry-specific best practices we bring to their business.  This is especially important with the rapid changes in technology, cybersecurity, and regulations. Our proactive approach helps our clients use technology to gain and keep their competitive advantage.  We address pain points such as:

  • IT support that’s not in tune with your needs.
  • Loss of productivity due to IT issues or ineffective implementation.
  • Dropped, inconsistent, slow and/or insecure Internet and remote access.
  • Use of outdated technology or lack of awareness of relevant new technologies. 
  • No strategic IT plan to support the firm’s key initiatives.

In short, we’re in tune with the little things that make a big difference in helping service firms do what they do best – help their clients.  After all, we are one too.

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