Our certified Systems Engineers are the best in the business with experience ranging from 17 to well over 20 years.

And as good as they are with your technology, each one knows that it’s really about you and your business.  We sell peace of mind – the comfort of knowing that you’re getting the “most bang for your technology buck” and that your business is secure.


The job of your Lead Systems Engineer is to make sure you get the most advantage from your technology investment.  The job of an Account Manager is to increase sales – you won’t find one of those at OneWhoServes.  We treat you like a friend and colleague, not an “account”.

  • We strive to understand you, your business, and your goals and challenges so we can better serve you and your team.
  • We do excellent work, and we do what we say we will do.
  • We give you one Lead Systems Engineer to be a part of your team, backed up by our whole team.
  • We answer our phones, we log your requests, and we call you back.  Promptly.
  • We provide honest, understandable advice in your language, not tech-talk.
  • We train your staff to work more effectively and teach you anything you’d like to know.
  • We serve you in accordance with how you want to be served.

What We Value

We believe that integrity is priceless.

Our word and our ethical standards are our most valued possessions.

This is our number one value in our OneWhoServes Statement of Values.  It’s who we are, and it’s who you should have on your team.  When you give your administrative passwords and remote access privileges to your IT provider, you’re giving away the keys to your business.  You must trust your provider completely.  So what does our integrity mean to you?

It means our interest is your best interest.  We are invested in the success of our clients because that’s what makes us successful.  We strive to understand you, your staff and your goals because the better we understand your business, the better we can serve you in harmony with your preferences and needs.  Here are some ways that you can see our integrity at work.

  • We do excellent work and we get it right.
  • We never sell you something you don’t need.
  • We understand that your business data is valuable and confidential and we treat it as such.
  • We always let you know when we’ve accessed your system.
  • We provide honest, understandable advice about solutions and options, including the pros and cons.
  • We recommend hardware and software appropriate for your needs.
  • We give you your passwords.

And while we’re at it, here is our entire Statement of Values, carefully ordered by importance.

We believe that integrity is priceless.

Our word and our ethical standards are our most valued possessions.

We believe that relationships are paramount.

Great relationships with clients, team members, our families and the Asheville community are the key to success in everything we do.

We believe excellence is our standard of performance.

Our technical competence and our commitment to clients are the heart of our service.

We believe that timeliness is essential for excellence.

To meet our commitments and exceed the expectations others have of us, we must do what we say we will do, have it done when we say we will have it done and promptly communicate any deviation from our commitments.

We recognize that profitability is essential to our survival.

Our business values can only be realized with business success.

“Since switching to OneWhoServes, our network is more stable and we spend less money. Our prior service cost less per hour but more per year. Now we have fewer problems and they get fixed a lot faster.”  Andrew Atherton, Attorney

How We Save You Money

Every organization has limited resources and competing priorities.  Our job is to save you money as we optimize your technology infrastructure so you can work more effectively and efficiently.

We take the long view.  We believe that the better we serve you and the more we save you, the more valuable we will be to you.  A fast buck today is never worth the damage to a close, long-term, trusted relationship.  We offer a full spectrum of services to support your business technology and computer needs without requiring a monthly contract and you pay only for the service time working for you.

You can see us saving you money in the following ways.

  • We provide prompt service and faster problem solving to reduce downtime.
  • We establish more stable networks to reduce problems and service calls.
  • We optimize server and system configurations to increase staff productivity.
  • We utilize remote service to reduce wait times and eliminate travel charges.
  • We give telephone support to help staff members resolve issues immediately.
  • We educate and empower you to be less dependent on us.
  • We speak the language of your business to eliminate confusion and miscommunication.
  • We offer maintenance agreements that save you 7% – 18% off standard rates.
  • We give a 25% rate reduction for travel time.
  • We provide discounts for our local nonprofits that do so much for our community.

How We Keep You Secure

  • We manage and install software security patches to close vulnerabilities.
  • We recommend, configure, and install appropriate firewalls to protect you from unauthorized access.
  • We close unused ports in your firewalls and servers.
  • We apply group policies to control internal access to your data.
  • We provide security advice and training to your staff.
  • We install the most cost-effective virus protection for your environment.
  • We remove viruses, malware and threats from your workstations.
  • We install and monitor backup systems to protect your data from loss.
  • We offer business continuity solutions so your staff can work in spite of failures.
  • We check your servers periodically for problems or unusual behavior.

Security is a top priority to keep your business and your money safe.  There are many different types of threats ranging from equipment and technology failures to malware delivered via email and web surfing to direct attacks on your network and servers.  Failures can cause lost data, lost productivity and lost business.  Malware and direct attacks can lead to exposure of your confidential business information, trade secrets, financial data, private client and patient data, and even access to your money.  It’s easy to think that your business is not big enough or important enough to be targeted, but the fact is that automated systems continuously probe every system connected to the internet to find a way in.  External threats continue to get more sophisticated, causing security product developers (e.g. antivirus, malware, firewalls) to struggle to keep up.  The security of your technology is not a “set it and forget it” proposition but must be actively managed.

We stay on top of the latest trends in IT.  This includes understanding vulnerabilities and threats as well as knowing which security software and equipment offers the best and most cost-effective protection.  We can recommend and install the best solutions according to your needs, operating practices and applicable industry regulations.

Security is approached on a per-client basis because every business operates differently.  While we try to implement best practices everywhere, specific solutions depend on your industry, size, staff, software applications, infrastructure, preferences and budget.  Whether you prefer easy, open access by your staff or a tightly controlled network where different departments and job roles require different data access levels, we’ll make sure you’re as secure as you can be. We use many techniques to make sure that you and your data are secure.

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